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Guideline on the Use of the Common Content Logo

(Approved May 2007)



The Common Content project may use the logo. A Participating Institute which has demonstrated that it has met the criteria for membership established by the Steering Group (see Constitution) may use the Common Content logo on any relevant stationery, publications, journals or website.

The logo may not be used by:

  • participating Institutes on commercial publications with other parties (other than Institute journals); and
  • any other party, such as an educational institution even if it provides Common Content related education or assessment.



The Common Content logo should be reproduced in the agreed blue, black, or white when reversed out of a dark background. The Common Content project or a participating Institute should not use any other colour or add any additional colours to the logo.

The relationship between the bridge and the text should remain fixed.

The logo can be reproduced in different sizes. However, the minimum height is 20 mm. The

recommended height for A4 is 25mm.

The Common Content logo should be surrounded by a clear space of at least the width of the centre arch of the bridge. Nothing should infringe on the clear space.

The Common Content logo should be used in the most effective position.

The Common Content project or a participating Institute should not:

  • recreate, redesign, manipulate or alter any element of the Common Content logo;
  • allow the logo to rotate, flash, turn, change dimensions or move around the screen when used in a digital environment;
  • add any effects to the logo;
  • change the font of the logo;
  • distort the scale of the logo;
  • show the logo at an angle;
  • create a pattern out of the logo; or
  • place the logo on top of photography.