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CAFR becomes a Full member of the Common Content Project                                                                                                                                                                                                             Press Release 5 October 2018 CAFR becomes full member of CCP

KWT and IWP become Associate Members of the Common Content Project
Press Release: 13th Oct 2017 (81 KB)
Common Content Oversight Committee report 2016
Press Release: 27th Jun 2017 (118 KB)
ICJCE becomes an Associate Member of the Common Content Project
Press Release: 11th Jan 2017 (118 KB)
Annual Report of the Common Content Oversight Committee 2015
Press Release: 10th Jun 2016 (521 KB)
The IBR-IRE becomes a Full member and KIBR becomes an Associate member of the Common Content Project, the Common Content Project completes implementation of the IESs in its Qualification Requirements
Press Release: 25th Feb 2016 (123 KB)


EC Audit Regulatory Committee (202 KB)
European Accounting Association (2 MB)
Common Content Project Positions on EU Proposals on Audit Policy in relation to Education (35 KB)
European Commission (320 KB)
Education Special Interest Group of the British Accounting Association (122 KB)

Comment Letters

–  Common Content Comment Letter on Proposed amendments to IES 2, 3, 4 and 8 – March 2019

–  Common Content response to the IAESB Consultation on Future Strategy and Work Plan (82 KB)